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Conversation cues for meaningful talent connecting

~ by Alan W & Candice R

Interviews: “​​a structured conversation where one participant asks questions, and the other provides answers.”

We dont believe in interviews. We should view our interactions with talent as an opportunity and privilege. These interactions should be considered as conversations, where both parties are seeking a mutual connection. GOOD talent is not always easy to come by, your business should be honored to meet their acquaintance.

Conversational themes we advise weaving into your conversations with prospective talent:

Connect with the person behind the role

  • Tell us about yourself.

  • Why do you choose a career in this (insert industry/domain/type of business)?

  • Why are we in conversation today? What brought you here in your professional journey?

  • What's your definition of (insert job role/disposition)?

  • What do you think is the difference between this type of business and role to others?

  • Do we even need this (insert role/area of expertise)?

  • What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a (insert role/disposition)?

Look for a clear area of expertise

  • What is your area of focus?

  • What area do you do the most / have the most experience with?

  • What area do you like the most?

  • What area would you like the most/ want to do more of?

  • What area do you like the least/ want to do less of?

  • What are typically your key responsibilities?

  • Any specific process you follow? And methods?

  • What are the most valuable outputs in your process?

  • What was your favourite project/piece of work?

  • How would you handle being the only (insert role) in the business?

Understand their potential for impact on people

  • Who would you usually engage with throughout your work?

  • Do you interact with stakeholders?

  • Do you lead workshops?

  • Have you ever managed people/teams?

  • Have you been a mentor and/or mentee?

How mature is their growth mindset

  • What does it mean to be a great (insert role)?

  • What are you really good at?

  • One less good thing about you (work related)?

  • Tell me about a time when a something in your role didn't go as planned. How did you fix it?

  • How do you handle critical or negative feedback?

  • What will interest you to go work for a business?

Remember, conversations are two-way, and we should consider potential talent as respectfully as we would our clients. It’s only fair to provide insight and your perspective on the topics being explored. After all, they are looking for indicators of a meaningful connection with you/your business - help them form the right opinion.

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Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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