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Candice R :: Research Advisory for Entrepreneurs

Solving niche challenges Founders face

Having etched my career in helping businesses evolve by using human insights to drive business strategy, I took the leap to do things differently. I was bored and uninspired by the traditional way of business and colouring within the lines.

I wanted to get closer to helping the entrepreneur behind the business. I wanted to help solve their challenges in ways traditional business wouldn’t listen to. I wanted to really use rich insights from the inner workings of business to take Founders and their dreams to the next level.

To design the best custom solutions to today’s business challenges. This real, transparent, honest and collaborative way of work is something fresh and far from the traditional business mold. It inspires, evokes change and promotes real impact. This became my purpose.

Research Advisory

Delving deeper into your business concerns does not have to be daunting, complex, timely or expensive, nor does it need to take away from your current areas of focus. All it takes is a little bit of research into the unanswered questions you face, to grant you the insight required to move forward. In fact, it is your greatest business hack to unlock the insight needed to resolve, shift, pivot, invent, refine or evolve your business and take it to the next level. 

- Self-help (I can show you how to do your research yourself!): I will equip you with all you need to embark on your own insights gathering mission. This includes defining your research question underlying your challenge you are addressing, drawing up the sample and respondent criteria for research participation, recruiting your respondents, designing your discussion guide, and a template for your analysis.

- Collaborate (I can show you how to do your research yourself!): I will provide all the tools from the self-help option as well as accompany you along the journey of execution, including moderating, debriefing, and analysis in field lending an ear throughout execution as your research expert partner.

- Lead (I can take hold of the research reigns for you): I will provide all research expertise required to get to the insights you require from beginning to end. I function as your researcher and get the job done while you focus on other aspects of your business. I deliver those insights and recommendations and strategic outputs on a silver platter!

- Bespoke (I can answer your unique research needs tailored just for you): From setting up research into the business practice, to execution (from research design, to execution/fieldwork) to analysis, recommendations (converting of findings into insights and extracting key take outs to inform strategic next steps and business pivots) and beyond.

Business Advisory

From creative pricing strategies to how to transform your business model from transactional to platform, I help Founders to shape their business for success.

- Facilitating meaningful connections with partners, collaborators, experts.

- Sharing entrepreneurial stories and lessons learnt to help founders reach success.

- Exposing founders to new, non traditional, innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

- Helping businesses transition into a design-led approach to business including but not limited to structuring design-led businesses, assessing design maturity, building design-led approaches into the business culture, and more.

Learn from Candice R

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Candice R!

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