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Alan W :: Advisory for Creative Entrepreneurs

Solving niche challenges Creative Entrepreneurs face

I have never found comfort in fitting into how things are ‘supposed to be’. It was always clear to me that I was never going to fit in, and so entrepreneurship and innovation was always my home and the creation of exceptional human experiences.

I continue to witness how a little imagination and a lot of hard work and persistence is how we truly make a dent in the universe. I am driven by a strong sense of empowering and inspiring people, listening closely, understanding what inspires them to reach their goals and figuring out their real business issues and ways to solve or innovate.

I promote new ways of work that are future fit for a changing world because empathy and creativity will change the world!

Business Advisory

From creative pricing strategies to how to transform your business model from transactional to a platform business model, I help Creative Entrepreneurs to shape their business for success.

Design Advisory

Individual coaching and advisory in the realm of UXD (User Experience Design) and SD (Service Design).

Project advisory on design driven outcomes. Business advisory with design-led strategies. Includes how to productise design, structuring design businesses, assessing design maturity, and more.

Platform Business Models & Marketplaces

Fascinated by the Platform Economy - the new frontier of business! I empower clients (and myself!) to thrive in this exciting landscape. Building platforms & marketplaces: Want to transform your business into a collaborative ecosystem? Let's craft a winning strategy. Leveraging AI with "prompt engineering": Unlock the power of AI through effective query crafting & ecosystem cultivation. Connecting top-tier professionals: Join my curated network to forge impactful partnerships and amplify success


  • Platform business models & ecosystems

  • Online Marketplace design & execution

Ai Prompt Engineering & Ai Prompt Design for Ai Models

Prompts are becoming a powerful new way of programming Ai models like ChatGPT and Midjourney.

However, it's hard to find good quality prompts online. I craft the text prompts required for an AI model to produce consistent outputs (e.g. images, text or code).

Alan W's story
Learn from Alan W

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Alan W!

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