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Using a design mindset to gather insights

~ by Candice R

A design mindset encapsulates the ethos of being open to what could be. Design is not just how things look or work but is actually a mindset. A mindset that challenges the way we work, embraces change, and creates new ways to do things better, in an iterative and collaborative manner. When approaching insight gathering with this mindset, we begin to access a whole new set of benefits.

This is what happens when we approach research with a design led mindset:

> Efficacy.

"In-situ" insights through ethnographic methods get us far closer to reality as less reliance on user recall is required in more traditional methods (surveys, focus groups, etc.).

> Efficiency.

It can also be less costly due to reduced labour intensiveness in set up and execution of research execution from an admin, design, and an organising point of view.

> Added value.

Escalating research outputs even further and into solution design. Traditional research tends to stop at insights and is light on solution creation. Design research focuses on the output being a designed solution. This lends a greater helping hand to the business and they aren't left in the dark as much with a library of insights and lack of tangible solution/s.

> Innovation & buy in through collaboration.

A "co-create" approach to insight gathering and distilling. Bringing users into not only insights but also into solution design/direction and testing.

A "co-design" approach to solution creation. Emphasis on collaboration in building solutions that resonate with users. Collaboration includes stakeholders, users, experts, etc.

Gathering insights to inform your StartUp strategy need not always be a labour intensive and expensive exercise and can yield immense value in shaping your business. Traditional market research approaches have their limitations. Design research is built for the nimble StartUp businesses of today. Try it.

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