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Three ways to drive business evolution

~ by Candice R

We have to help our potential clients make the decision to choose us as their service/product provider. An extremely difficult decision when you are one of many in a market growing by the day. As we enter into this popularity contest, those who become the chosen ones, are the service providers that have successfully achieved at least one of the following:

1. Created uniqueness around how they present their ‘familiar’ service to the market.

When we are all selling services, what makes me as your potential client select your familiar service over others? You have to give me something special. Something that makes me feel as if I am missing out if I don’t select you. Why must I choose your business? They may initially feel that their options are endless but if you are the only one doing it in a unique way, suddenly they only see one business offering with no competition.

Whatever your spin on familiar presented differently, make sure you ARE unique, and make sure you are the only one in the market presenting yourself this way. Also remember, followers will copy you, but you will be the first, which is your key advantage. In the same breath, change is a constant, do not let your uniqueness become normality without you evolving yet again, to remain unique, desirable and relevant.

2. Enlightened clients by helping them consider something they never thought about before.

We cannot expect our clients to know all we know about the business we are in. After all, their expertise is in their line of business, and yours IS in your line if business and that is why they are coming to you. So why do we expect our clients to know exactly what they want? And why do we follow exactly what the client requested? You are in the business of problem solving. It is your role to help the potential client consider a solution that often they may not have considered before.

When we enlighten our potential client, when we help them see answers to their challenge differently, they are drawn to our expertise even more. It FEELS different to them, almost like they are dealing with a specialist who really thinks about their challenge rather than passively responding to requests. It should be our goal to make our potential client think too! THAT is how we contribute to building their success.

3. Drawn inspiration from those outside of their domain.

This is about stepping outside of your box. Forcing yourself to stretch how you think about your business in a new way by applying a different perspective. THIS is how we create newness. This is sowing the seeds of ideas that help us evolve our businesses.

An example: Think about how the medical profession works. When you want to fix the common cold, you visit your GP. When you have serious heart pains, you may visit your GP first, but then you will be referred to a cardiac specialist to advise on the issue and fix the problem. They charge premium rates for this highly specialised area of medicine and it is their expertise that resolves your heart issue. As a specialist business in your domain, are you doing generalist design work and attracting the mild related health problems that only need quick fixes? Should you be known as the business in a certain specialist area where all clients suffering symptoms/challenges in that area come to you to resolve with your niche expertise? Are you a premium service? Maybe your business is more like the GP and should consider partnering with specialists for the more niche related challenges your clients have?

Makes you think doesn't it? We have to constantly challenge our OWN thinking so that we can stretch our businesses to what they could be, not just what we are today.

Carve out your uniqueness. Challenge your clients' thinking. Challenge your own thinking.

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Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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