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The forever relevant business

~ by Candice R

Forever young. How can we shelter our business from aging, from dying out, from becoming obsolete? Kodak, Blockbuster, Nokia, Blackberry, Yahoo, MySpace, Cardies, Telkom, the list goes on with these nostalgic icons of the past (or soon to be past).

We need to be cognisant of the fact that businesses die, businesses stop becoming relevant, because change is our constant, and the speed of evolution is rapidly increasing. There is a simple way to go with this tide and remain forever relevant.

As a start, being a CREATIVE entrepreneur has given you all the head start you need.

This is what you need to do next:

1. Focus on expertise building

Be very clear on what your niche area of expertise is or could be. This is the area of speciality you need to OWN. Use your unique story, your unique experience/s that have led you to this area of specialization. NO one has YOUR story. Use all you know, all you have experienced as your stake and dig it in the ground. Make it YOURS.

2. Focus on evolution

Always keep moving, never ever stop. Take the approach of continuous learning. Once you have mastered a skill, mature it, fine tune it, tailor it, elevate it, INVENT its evolution if you have to, but keep asking for more, keep stretching, keep thinking outside of the box - because everything new eventually begins to be boxed, copied, commoditized. This is about forever developing yourself and your business. Experiment, learn, tweak, so you are in a cyclic rhythm of forever growing (almost always in unexpected and unimaginable ways).

3. Focus on keeping the conversation

Do not be the best kept secret. As you evolve, develop, grow in exciting and relevant ways, be sure to tell the world! Show your work. Communicate the benefits. Develop your voice and be heard. Decide on your target clients/customers and be very specific about this. Build these relationships continuously. Nurture them. Involve them. Their feedback is often key to how you evolve. Make these relationships an investment for your business, treat them as such. This is a long term game.

Evolution and being forever relevant is hard work yes but also exciting. It is something to get up for each morning. A reason for being. It means you make a difference in the world. That the world needs you to help them overcome challenges they face. Purpose. We need you. Never stop.

Work with Candice R

"Solving niche challenges founders face”.

Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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