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~ by Irmi L

We tend to sleep in whatever little time is left in our days. Somehow the anxious rush from one commitment to the next has us mindlessly tending to the things we think is important.

This is why the habit of stopping every now and then is so valuable. It draws you out of the stream of flow long enough to regain perspective. If I can give you an analogy: lift the mouse (your body is the mouse) out of the maize every now and then so it remembers where it is.

A few things to try on for size and find what works:

- start the day before everybody else wakes up: Coffee, some meditation, some gratitude journaling, some light planning (be flexible about this plan... if loadshedding taught me anything it's that being married to your plan will lead to more anxiety).

- create a shutdown routine at the end of the day: close your laptop, plug in all the charge-ables, close the office door.

- once you're in your bed, do the Three-things-game: one thing that was difficult, one thing that was awesome, one thing that you're grateful for, and another, and another, until you fall asleep.

Sleep quality will determine your body's ability to cope with stress, it's ability to fight off infections, it's ability to detox, build new neurotransmitters, maintain a healthy hormone balance, heal your gut so it can digest your food and absorb nutrients which is your energy for the day...

I know right?! You're phenomenal!!

Now go plan to sleep better, so you can kick a$$ all the tomorrows to come!

“Solving niche challenges founders face”.

Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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