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Irmi L :: HealthTech Design Studio &

We design and develop digital products to help the world heal.

We want to assist people who have health and wellness ideas to get their digital solutions developed and built, so together we can help people live healthier, happier lives, delay the onset of illness, or at the very least manage their conditions through knowledge, guidance, and support.

Our vision is to design and develop digital wellness products that people can use to become healthier and happier.

Moving better.

Eating healthier.

Sleeping better.

Stressing less.

Connecting more.

Start changing the world. Let us bring your big wellness ideas to life.

Product design

Developing digital solutions for wellness products.

Brand Creations

Developing a digital brand identity for your product.

Graphic design

Designing graphic art for your marketing efforts.

Social content

Creating social media art and copy for your product.


"Transparent with an amazing work ethic, for a small startup like myself, Irmi has a lot to give with so much experience. Still trying to get traction in the marketplace, she has been immensely helpful in bringing all she can to the table for my venture. Working with her helped me break down some mental blocks and helped me understand my own brand from the very core and to bring that to the market. Having worked with Irmi, I realise she taught me not to second guess myself, to have patience, and to follow my gut and see how the market reacts. She brings invaluable creativity which is so important to me as a founder who needs this creative boost. Understanding, reliable and approachable, Irmi gives off that aura of comfort where I know at any time I can reach out to her for help, advice, and a soundboard, even after the work has been done which is a rare find in business."

- Samu, ACE (Athletes Creating Exposure)

“When you hire Irmi you are buying peace of mind. Design that is sure to be of a high quality to help you fast track the development that follows. Irmi doesn’t just do design, she gets involved in strategy, analysis, and so much more. Her incredible professionalism and transparency means you always know exactly what to expect. She is always on top of communication and delivery with an uncanny ability to manage all expectations along the way. Irmi has incredible time management and focus and even manages to surprise and delight with earlier than expected results when possible. Her stellar work ethic is coupled with commitment and loyalty, someone you can feel one hundred percent comfortable with representing your business with your most precious client. She has this special way of making your life easier just by working with her. ”

- Lee, Fliptin

Irmi L's story
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