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My teacher friend's unforgettable lesson in EVP's

By Celeste S

We employer branding enthusiasts often joke that we see work culture woven into everything, even a quiet holiday sip of coffee. Well, this Christmas break proved that adage truer than ever! As I spent time with loved ones, a fascinating realization struck me – the undeniable presence of employer value propositions (EVPs), even in the most unexpected places.

Teachers, often underpaid and undervalued, are beacons of dedication, their classrooms sanctuaries where meaning and purpose blossom. My dear friend Wanda, a foundation school teacher, embodies this truth. Witnessing her tireless passion ignite young minds, I saw a masterclass in a powerful EVP, not just for educators, but for any profession.

  • Passionate commitment: Wanda pours her heart and soul into her students, particularly those facing challenging family backgrounds.

  • Proven excellence: With a stellar track record and glowing testimonials, she embodies dedication and expertise.

  • Empathy and experience: As a mother herself, she connects with parents on a personal level, fostering trust and collaboration.

But what drives Wanda's extraordinary efforts? Her "get":

  • Work-life balance: The school's flexible schedule allows her to be present for her own children.

  • Supportive environment: Facing health issues in 2023, she received unwavering support and generous time off to recover.

  • Continuous growth: The school invests in her professional development, ensuring she remains at the forefront of education.

  • Supportive leadership: A headmistress who champions her teachers' professional development and well-being, creating a positive and empowering work environment.

Wanda's story highlights the crucial element of any strong EVP: a reciprocal and personalized value exchange. It's not just about what a company offers; it's about understanding what truly motivates your target talent. For Wanda, it's not just a paycheck; it's the chance to make a lasting impact on young lives, while receiving support and flexibility as a mother herself.

As we parted ways, Wanda wasn't heading for sun-kissed beaches or bustling tourist spots. Instead, her eyes sparkled with the same passion I feel when I sit down to write. "Garage project?" I chuckled, picturing myself hunched over my laptop. Her grin widened. "Not quite," she said, revealing a treasure trove of donated educational materials – a teacher's legacy passed on. This wasn't just decluttering; it was an act of love, preserving resources to nurture future minds. In her holiday, as in her work, she sought to make a difference, her dedication echoing the very essence of a fulfilling EVP.

Back in my own sanctuary, I ponder this shared spark. We work in vastly different worlds, yet the driving force feels strikingly similar. It's not just a paycheck or a title; it's about leaving a mark, however big or small. For Wanda, it's in the eyes of a child grasping a new concept. For me, it's in the connection forged through a heartfelt story. And perhaps, that's the most valuable lesson of all – that whatever our profession, finding and nurturing our purpose is the most profound currency we can possess.

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