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Celeste S :: Employer Brand Marketing

Cultivating your brand to connect your people

People want to know the story behind what it’s like to work for (and with) your company. Employees seek an emotional connection beyond compensation – Purpose, Belonging and Impact! The same goes for ALL people your business connects with from investors and partners to vendors, clients and customers.

At Employer Branding Africa we breathe life into your company. We help you craft your story to attract, engage and retain people who can connect and align with your culture.

As an employer your story is unique. Here at Employer Branding Africa we define your employer brand and tailor solutions to communicate it. “Perception is a reality” until you unveil and articulate who you really are through humanizing your brand!

Employer Branding

Every organisation has an employer brand and its own unique story to tell. Employer branding is all about how current employees (and others be it vendors, investors, or partners, collaborators and customers) perceive you as their preferred employer/business to work with. We provide tailored strategies to assist you in communicating, cultivating and managing your employer brand.

Personal Branding

Gain knowledge, tools, and strategies to become an extraordinary employer brand marketer. Cultivate an authentic, empathetic personal brand aligned with your company's values to stand out as a trusted thought leader. Add exceptional value and relevance to elevate your influence within your organization and beyond.

Talent Acquisition

Transform your talent acquisition strategies with innovative recruitment marketing and employer branding techniques in the digital landscape. Use practical solutions to become an effective employer brand marketer and attract top talent to deliver on your strategic business objectives.

Learn from Celeste S

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Celeste S!

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