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Influence & Impact: (Part 3) Just imagine

~ by Alan W

A short series where we give tips on what to say and how to make it count. We help you increase influence and impact with customers through your business, your connector strategy or your side hustle effort. PART 1. "I'm not sure if this is for you but..." PART 2. "Open-minded"

PART 3. "Just imagine"

Did you know that every decision that any human makes is made twice? The decision is first imagined in your mind before it is made in reality. So, for a decision to come true you first imagined yourself doing it. Have you ever used the words "I just couldn't see myself doing that!" ? Makes you think, doesn't it?! In fact, if you can't see yourself doing something then the chances if you doing it is almost zero!

People make decisions based on the images they see in their minds. So if you can place pictures in people's' minds then you can use the results of those images to influence their decisions. Create pictures in the minds of listeners by telling stories. Remember as a child many of the stories we were told started with the words "Once upon a time.....". When we heard those words we knew it was time to embrace our imagination. Someone used words as the paint to draw pictures of a world for us to jump into! So we need some magic words to create the same picturesque outcome. When you hear the words "Just imagine" the subconscious brain opens up for the story you are about to tell and it creates a picture of the very scenario you are about to paint.

Some examples:

"Just imagine how sales will have increased just by implementing some of our ideas."

"Just imagine what your business partner would say if you guys missed this opportunity."

"Just imagine the impact this could have!"

Let the clients creative mind build your case for you. Let them do the hard work. As you make those statements they will see the picture of that very thing happening. Now that they have seen the thing (in their minds) chances are they believe in achieving it!

Just imagine the difference this is going to make for you and your business!

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