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Influence & Impact: (Part 1) I'm not sure this is for you but...

~ by Alan W

A short series where we give tips on what to say and how to make it count. We help you increase influence and impact with clients. PART 1. "I'm not sure if this is for you but..."

Quite often the decision by a client to choose between you and another business like you depends and what you say, when you say it and how to make it count. The worst time to think about the thing you are going to say is in the moment you are saying it. Some people achieve dramatically different results than others. In businesses which people have identical products/services and resources some people struggle to find customers and yet others cannot stop finding more success. Despite their differences in attitude and endeavour these successful people have one thing in common. They know exactly what to say and how to make it count. A subtle change of words can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of a conversation. How? By using words that speak directly to the subconscious brain. The subconscious brain is powerful and helps with decision making. It is pre-programmed through our conditioning. It can only say "yes" or "no". It can't say "maybe". It makes decisions without over analysing them. Here are some examples of how the subconscious brain makes decisions:

  • controlling your breathing while you sleep

  • allowing your attention to be drawn to anything that resembles your name

We all rely on our subconscious brain everyday to get us through anything that happens without us having to process every decision we make. It is almost as if we don't have to think about it. Work on little magic words you can use in conversations that help the listener to make less decisions. Help the listener to choose between "yes" or "no". Let their subconscious brain make the decisions for them. Keep on practicing and it will become easier and you will grow in confidence as you do. Keep it simple. Simple doesn't mean easy, you will get better at it, don't give up.

Here are some sets of words to start off with.

"I'm not sure if this is for you but....." These words are rejection free. Our biggest fear is that of rejection, right? These words causes the listener's subconscious brain to say "There's no pressure here." It spikes their curiosity and it hooks them. And the subconscious brain has an easy choice: "Yes" or "No". This soft approach makes the listener feel in control. The word "but" negates everything that was said before. Because of this the subconscious brain then tells the listener "Hey, you might want to listen to this!"

"I'm not sure if this is for you but....." Use this sentence and insert the results of your products or service. You should insert here what your client gets as a result of your product or service. This approach results in a simple outcome. One of two things happen: your client listens and ask for more information because they are personally interested or worst case is they say they will give it some thought. Try it. Practice it.

* In part 2: Open minded.

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