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How to figure out your purpose

~ by Alan W

How to find and do work that you love. Heard of Ikigai? In Japanese it means “a reason for being”. And it’s broken down into four circles. It talks about: 1) what you love, 2) what you’re good at, 3) what the world needs, 4) what you can get paid for.

When you love something and the world needs it, it’s considered a mission. If you’re good at something and you love it but you’re not getting paid for it then it’s considered your passion. When you’re good at something and you’re getting paid for it then it’s considered your profession. The last one, when the world needs it and you get paid for it then it’s a vocation. Ikigai says we need to find something in the middle, our reason for being. It's really important: you must love it, you must be good at it, the world must need it and you must get paid for it. It all must be in balance. If we can design our lives around that idea then we can be happier, healthier and wealthier than ever before and… we can help change lives

Sales is typically viewed as a specific and controlled sequence of events:

1. Prospect

2. Qualify

3. Present

4. Overcome objections

5. Close

6. Follow-up

7. Provide customer service

It's an effort to GET something from others. When we find our purpose, there are no more ‘sales’ as we know it. ‘Sales’ is now about giving. Selling is giving. Giving time, giving attention, giving advice, to teach, to empathise, to give value. The word "sell" comes from the Old English word bebycgan (or selle) which mean "to give". This directly correlates to purpose.

Try this more unique approach. It goes something like this: create value, touch people's lives, build networks, be real, stay open. We shift our focus from getting to giving. (Oddly, you’ll find it comes full circle in the process!).

Believe in what you’re selling. The excitement lies in the value you can add to other people's lives. Don't pitch. Have conversations and keep the focus on others. Listen. The main goal? To change lives, and in that very act, yours will change too, for the better.

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Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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