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How to attract (and keep) the best talent

~ by Candice R

As the demand for expert talent continues to rise, businesses is faced with the ongoing challenge of acquiring such talent. Designers, content creators, developers, and all rising roles in any future fit business, find themselves sitting with choice like never before. Why will they choose to work for your business over others? And no, they are not easily swayed by compensation alone. Those businesses who understand and cater for what matters most to these experts, will not only acquire the best talent - they’ll keep them for longer!

With demand high and competition rife, your talent acquisition (and retention) strategy deserves more attention than ever. Be sure to include these essentials:

  • How have you catered for their growth?

These craftsmen/women invest deeply into honing their craft. If you don't have a tailored and specific growth framework to inspire them in how they build their career in your business, you’ll see their creative flame dim over time.

  • How are you evangelizing their area of expertise within your business?

By the very nature of the newness of these roles in the last decade or two, these experts are still pioneers in their growing domain. Being inspired is a prerequisite, how can they make a dent in the universe using their craft in your business. Enable them to feel part of their domains community as well as your business and category community. Help foster their learning in all areas and find ways to evangelise their domain within your business and category.

  • What is your positioning?

Your businesses internal and external positioning displayed through your point of view, structure, thought leadership, etc are key draw cards for the talented expert (no matter their domain) who doesn't want to be part of “just another traditional firm”. They want to be part of a business that believes what they believe when it comes to their domain as well as their greater beliefs, and this will weigh heavily in their decision to even accept an interview. What makes your firm unique?

  • How have you designed your EX (Employee Experience)?

Those who assume in-demand roles tend to be highly sensitive to the experience created for them as the user. The value of designing a carefully and well thought out employee experience cannot be underestimated - they move in small professional circles, and will be your greatest advocates for the new talent being brought in tomorrow.

These are some of the many potential ways to ultimately open the door for good talent to be attracted to your business, stay with you over time, and actively contribute to the team and overall business growth. Make your talent acquisition and retention strategy a priority, prepare to be the business where the talent chooses to go.

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