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Futureproof your business

~ by Candice R

It is time for a revolution in the business world. Being a StartUp means you are already in the game of doing things differently, finding new and better ways to bring value to the market. HOW you do this and HOW you structure and align your business to deliver on this will be about how well you overcome traditional ways of doing business. This new way, this new mindset, will shape what type of business you are, how you respond to change, how you evolve and what it feels like for customers/clients, employees, suppliers, or partners to connect with your business. We say there is only one way. We believe design IS the new way to do business.

Never before has business been faced with challenges as they have been with the knock-on effect of covid-19. Businesses have been faced with challenges before, in fact, it's almost part of being in business: increased competition, a struggling economy, an ever changing consumer, the rise of technology, challenges are constant. No longer is it about whether to respond to challenges, it is about how business is able to respond that equips them for survival and even success amidst trying times. There could not be a more important time as now for business to respond to change with this design mindset. And if you are building a business, it should be with a design mindset from the onset.

This new wave of design-led business lies in the hands of today’s StartUps. Change is part of nature, it's part of business, and it is a design way that can help us both respond and thrive in it! You as a StartUp, are in THE most advantageous position to get this right, in fact, YOU have to drive it, because for you, the non-traditional way of bringing our products and services to the world, is inherent. SO why are we habitually assuming traditional ways when it comes to the INNER workings of our StartUp when on the outside we have the most non-traditional and disruptive product/service of the future? From operations, to sales, to team structures and employee experience, the design way should be interwoven into your business.

The design-led business means:

  • Being human-centered at our core.

  • Accepting failures as opportunities to learn and improve.

  • Never stop iterating.

  • Collaboration.

  • Questioning the known.

  • Finding new ways.

  • Making complex simple.

  • Focus on experience.

  • Mastering empathy.

  • Breaking down a silo’d way of work.

  • Embracing expertise over generalist roles.

  • Adopting lean ways of work.

As you embark on bringing your product/service to market, in tandem, build your business internally with the same mindset. There must be true harmony between how the world consumes your idea and the inner workings of your business that they don't see. Learn from those who have pioneered the design-led business approach: Apple, AirBnB, Uber… the list is growing, join the wave of the design-led business.

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Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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