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Establishing a point of view

~ by Candice R

Does your business have a point of view? More importantly, do those that matter even know what this is? Why should you care to put in the time and effort to blog, podcast, create videos, discussions, events, etc for your point of view to be heard?

This is why…

A business that has a clear and constant view assumes a firm position in the hearts and minds of those that matter: current and potential clients, employees, partners, vendors, collaborators, and investors and even the industry at large. As a Creative Entrepreneur, by your very nature, you are in the business of change, newness, creation, evolution, and disruption. How you do what you do, why you do what you do, needs a voice, it's an expectation not a nicety.

And when you get this right, something quite meaningful happens, and it happens in this sequence:

First, you impact lives.

Sounds dramatic? Well that’s because it IS. Sharing your experiences and learnings, teaches invaluable lessons to those who are yet to experience it for themselves. Creative entrepreneurship attracts the most enquiring minds, hungry for knowledge from pioneers (yes, you!) leading the way. And sadly, many businesses today have no point of view at all, or at least the world doesn't know it exists. Case studies and articles on the work your business has done, is not thought leadership, that is showcasing and selling. That comes later, once you have established respect and trust from your followers. This is earned when the receiver of your content feels they are learning from your point of view, they are looking to you for guidance and expertise, not to be sold to or offered information they simply don’t elicit/need (yet). When those in the market you serve walk away having learnt something new, you have given true (long lasting) value that keeps on giving because you have created impact. This sticks.

Over time, you become a driver of change.

Your business becomes the change you are looking for from the industry and by sharing your stories, perspective and experiences, those that believe in your cause, your why, your reasons for existence, will follow and support you and even become your best advocates. Over time, they will adopt your ways, and they too will become part of the change they want to see.

In the end, your business becomes the change maker people cling to.

What's not to be underestimated, is that your constant point of view becomes their compass. They refer to you in their mind when they are next faced with the topics/challenges/needs you have put in the work to own. You have not only done something good by helping others looking for guidance, but you have cemented your association with this topic which builds your businesses brand and positioning through long term trust built up over time (like any good relationship). A consistent voice and perspective they have become accustomed to, one they can rely on. Becoming associated with the topics you share perspective on, means clients come to you for work in this domain, and employees come to work for you by pure association and desire to be part of something great.

Suddenly, thought leadership and sharing is no longer about today, you have been building your tomorrow.

Start your content strategy TODAY. You’ll be surprised at the number of lives you can impact through the simple act of sharing and being heard. Not to mention the effect of a flourishing business as a result.

Try it.

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Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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