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Creating content: where to begin

~ Candice R

If you have already seriously considered creating your own content, now is the time to get the thinking out of the way and actually DO IT! (Refer to a previous blog post on why entering the realm of content creation is SO important for your business over here).

Ok, so where to begin. We don’t for a moment underestimate how daunting it feels to step into the world of content creation. Have you noticed that so many people in your domain spend a whole lot of time on LinkedIn SHARING content - very few are CREATING content. Content creation is your opportunity to stand out and share your point of view with the world, and guess what happens in return, over time the world remembers you. This can only be a good thing for business.

Here’s how you get started:

1. Decide on your area of expertise that will become your ‘topic umbrella’

This does not mean writing about anything that is related to your industry - there is enough of that generalist content. You have to go deeper, you have to think niche, you must keep in your expertise lane. Why? Because there are a gazillion articles on generalist industry topics. All your content should have your specialisation and therefore unique angle to it. When a client needs this expertise - who do you think they will think of? Choose a topic umbrella from which to hang each piece of content off of.

2. Consider your distribution of content

Where will you share this content so that it lands in front of the right audience? DNA is a start (we publish blogs from businesses in our community). There is LinkedIn, Medium, countless slack communities, and more. Make sure you select the right one for the audience you seek. And remember, many people read and few people like or comment. It can take up to 18 months to feel any traction from content creation, do not give up, everyone started small. This is a longer game to be in but worth the investment and persistence.

3. A home for readers to find you

People are consuming your content, they like it, they even want to reach out, where oh where can they find you? Make sure you have a support structure in place like a website that can fill in the blanks for them, a place where they can read about your business, what you do and how to connect with you.

4. Leverage the power of accompanying visuals

The images that support your content play a key role in conversion (as does the catchy title topic). Often bloggers are all using the same unsplash images and it devalues the content, dampening the excitement before they even begin to read. (We commission a local artist for our business advisory blogs, reach out if you are on the lookout for illustrator talent and we’ll connect you!). The aim is to keep illustrations as unique as your content. Let the images you choose reflect a style unique to you. Over time this will build recognition and familiarity and branding for your content.

5. Commit to frequency of distribution

Here we are talking at least a blog a week to foster engagement from your readers. Yes, this is a real commitment. And you need to be in it for the long haul if you want to reap the benefits.

6. Do not sell through content

Content creation is NOT a direct marketing and advertising tool. Readers can see that coming from a mile away and they switch off. Content is not about the work you have done, case studies to showcase your brilliance. Unfortunately many businesses only have content like this. This must change. Content needs to be unique and the readers want to learn from it in an entertaining way, they want to be inspired not bored to death. When writing, ask yourself how likely it is that this topic has been covered a million times, THEN think about how you can approach the topic from a unique angle, one that will make your readers think. Seek to enlighten and leave a lasting impression. But do not give too much away for free, your trade secrets are worth your audience reaching out to you for business.

Once you have given the above good consideration, it is time to start. The daunting feeling of creating content each week subsides and the journey is enriching and can be highly fruitful for your business. Everyone has something unique to say. Even you.

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