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Business and purpose

~ by Irmi L

When last did you match your current business activity against your purpose?

When we go on a hike we pack a compass and a map. We'll take a GPS along, and depending on how untouched the route is, we may even ask the help of an experienced tracker or field guide.

When top management is clear and aligned on the business purpose, the direction they give to their employees is clear. A work environment with clear direction allows employees to feel secure. Employees who feel secure are more creative and innovative, and feel free to offer new and exciting ways to fulfil this purpose.

Take time to assess the business purpose and currently where you are headed. Do your top leaders know where you want to take the business? Are you communicating the same direction, clearly and unambiguously to your employees? Plan with clarity and focus. Empower the people who dedicated their skills to your business to work together towards this purpose.

“Solving niche challenges founders face”.

Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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