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Making expertise accessible to the Creative Entrepreneur.

'Creative Entrepreneur': A person who uses their creative abilities to develop new ideas and solutions to problems, making change and creating value while they do it.

Its starts with you.

DNA helps creative entrepreneurs solve the niche business challenges they face by connecting them with like-minded entrepreneurial experts in all facets of business so they are equipped to go forth and achieve success.

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Tell us about the challenge your business is facing


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Be inspired.

Every week we put a Creative Entrepreneur in the spotlight to inspire us with their story.

Welcome to the movement of Creative Entrepreneurship.

Show your support.

When your friends are setting up a business or plan to go live with their venture then turn up and support them.  Let's help fellow creative entrepreneurs.

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Access expertise and inspiration for the creative entrepreneur. 

Tips, tricks, know-how and thoughts to fuel your business vision.

Dare to step up!

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