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Things we get wrong as entrepreneurs.

~ by Alan W

Sometimes we walk around with the status of being an entrepreneur, some sense of godliness, like we are the special chosen ones. That’s all fine and well until we start losing touch and get stuck in our own worlds. Give yourself a check-in with your humble self, the self that is also a client and consumer, and ground yourself.

Don’t be ego-centric!

Stop trying to be different and stand out and just be you. Look at what you have in common with those you want to do business for and with. Shake off the cool factor of being an entrepreneur and come back down to earth to make sure you are still relatable. Potential partners, employees, clients, customers, collaborators, vendors, need to resonate with you on a human level, don’t be untouchable.

Respect the risks you take

You don’t HAVE to be so risky. Being a risk taker may aid you as an entrepreneur but apply creativity (and some caution) when taking risks. Can you de-risk the decision you are making in any way? Seeking advice from the right experts, taking more time to weigh in on the risk, creatively finding other ways to take advantage of an opportunity without taking huge risk, etc. There are so many sensical ways to approach risk taking, why be the whirlwind that destroys on its path, there is a sophisticated way to continue taking risks that pay off. Slow down and think deeper.

Make it about THEM

Remember that your clients, customers, collaborators, employees, vendors, etc. all have options, you will never be the one and only option for them (and if you are, don’t let them begrudge you for it). Take the level of passion you have for your business, and apply it to THEM (employees, partners, client's, customers, vendors, etc). Go understand their problem and help solve that. Don’t worry, your challenges can be solved in this process. It starts with THEM though.

Be an advisor

Don’t only position yourself as the best option. Best is so overused that its meaning gets diluted. Present yourself as the less risky option. Be transparent about the competition and be honest about how you are and aren’t comparable. Advise them on the benefits of going with you (and make these unique and real), and the reduced probability of post purchase dissonance. We all seek comfort from our decision making. Help them get to this state.

Tell your REAL story

Present your work to the world through ongoing conversation and sharing. Don't just show the end result of your work. Actually show your work. All the way through. Talk about things like who you are, your processes, your wins and losses, and so on. Give people more to go on in making a decision. Otherwise all the they have to compare is like for like: your business with the next business. Make it possible for them to get to know you, the creative entrepreneur behind the business. Give them a reason to care about you and your business cause. Tell them how you got from "here" to "here" and all about the journey you are still on. Do not forget to talk about how they fit into that vision, people need something to believe in and someone to follow. Reassure them and say how it will be working together, partnering, investing, purchasing, from you and your business. Let them in on your storytale making.

So, got your feet back on the ground?

Have fun storming the castle!

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Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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