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Kirstie & Roxy :: Portable Powerbank Solution

From panic to power. The best way to keep your customers connected.

We aim to provide a convenient, reliable, and affordable solution to low device battery. Through high-quality charging stations and a user-friendly app, we strive to create a convenient experience for customers and venue partners while supporting and promoting our partners.

Customers can now charge their devices in your venue. Keeping your customers engaged, connected and satisfied. Reducing the need of cables we provide portable power banks for rent at your establishment.

A portable. charging station that provides instant power to your electronic

device effortlessly. Users download APP to unlock power bank and charge device

on the go at your venue.

Benefits for your venue
  • Profit share of rental income

  • Screen advertising

  • Expand customer footprint

  • Unique customer experience

  • Self service

  • Quick and easy set up

How does it work?
  1. Place the charging station on a visible surface like the front desk or bar counter and plug in.

  2. Customer sees the call to action to download the app. The App educates the customer on how to rent a power bank.

  3. The customer scans the QR code to release the power bank for rent.

  4. Customer return power bank to the company’s charging station, or any nearby station found on the app. The company receives a share of the profit generated by the rent of the power bank.

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Kirstie & Roxy!

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