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Iris M :: Money Collection

Recover outstanding payments from clients, ensuring a healthy cash flow for your business.

My approach to money collection is the fine balance between assertive, whilst still compassionate and empathetic.  My approach is customised and tailored to account for clients unique contexts and will therefore differ from company to company and from individual to individual . 

I bring nuanced expertise and experience frmo working with an array of clients from owners to creditors to employees. Well versed in the tricks that are used by creditors clerks when withholding payment, and dealing with the "Cheque is in the mail" senarios. No matter the context, money collections is a human to human service and far from the traditional ways of debt collection.

My service is in depth conversation relating to the real reasons why payment is being withheld. The goal? For the relationship as well as the outstanding debt to be saved without undue conflict.   

This is about ongoing relationship building, good reporting and communication is essential. One of the ways to avoid any debts going to litigation, is to provide mutually acceptable payment plans. A client's business does not want to be lost entirely, just because of difficult times. I exist to show businesses how this can de achieved.

Money collection

I function as your fractional money collector with a customised solution fit for your business available in varing capacities.

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Iris M!

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