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Fabio L :: Artisanal Digital, Mobile & Touch Products

Helping businesses design, build and scale tech products that customers love.

We're product people. Using research, design and technology, we empower businesses to succeed by crafting products that customers love.

For us, experience is everything.

From the very first meeting to the very first interaction, we combine human expertise and technology to craft products that look, feel and respond with value. We design vivid interfaces. We develop rapid prototypes. Together, we enable businesses to scale.

We engineer with vision at the core. Informing through context, application and capability

We realize that all clients want a product or service that matters. Our approach places this desire at the centre, overlaying it with invaluable insights into human behavior, experience design and technology.

Research & Prototyping

Using curiosity as a guide to unearth insights and overlaps that become opportunities.

- Interviews, surveys, desktop research, audits, prototyping.

Interface Design

Enabling organisations to stand up and stand out in a clear, compelling and memorable way.

- User interfaces, prototyping, design systems.

Software Development

Bringing user interfaces to life through expertise and attention to detail, following strict protocols and drawing on modern resources.

- Native & hybrid apps, full stack development.


Enhancing product environments through end-to-end development and responsiveness.

- System automation, data, machine learning & AI.


Unveiling your product to the world through holistic marketing strategies that integrate directly into your project plan.

- Search engine optimisation, content marketing, email automation, pay per click, social media marketing.

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Fabio L!

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