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Self Awareness

~ by Candice R

Self-awareness is not only important personally but a key maturity milestone for your business. We hear very little about the gravity self-awareness carries your for business but it is crucial to gain perspective for growth. It is all about understanding your businesses strengths and weaknesses, the thoughts and motivations behind the business, and acknowledging what the business is good at and what you are... less than good at. Sometimes that means actually avoiding the things your business is not so good at rather than having to get better at them.

Business self-awareness also allows you to understand how people (current/ potential employees, clients, partners, vendors) perceive your business. It means understanding your strengths and challenges so that you can put intention behind addressing these. And the more you drill down into these, the more specific and the closer you get to the different aspects of your business (people, operations, commercials, offerings, growth hacking, etc.), the richer your growth.

The benefits of business self-awareness carry deep value:

- enables you to make better informed decisions

- more adept at influencing outcomes

- frees up assumption and bias

- broadens understanding from a wider perspective

- fosters better business relationships and/or partnerships

- increases creativity and spotting opportunity

The power of reflecting honestly and knowing what makes your business unique can pave the way for business success in terms of being and living the best version of your business-self.

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Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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