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How can I get quick feedback on a website?

~ by Alan W

Received via email: A client asked me to look at their website and give general feedback on the design and my impressions.

Thank you for sending us your question.

First of all: ask the client whey they want feedback on their website? Is it because they get no visitors? Maybe there are other reasons why no one visits the website. Is it that people struggle to find information they are looking for (how do they know people are struggling?) Figure out WHY the client asks you.

It remains a challenge providing objective feedback on a website or app that someone else created. We don't know the whole history or thinking behind the final product that we're asked to give an opinion of.

Why was this website created? Who is the audience? What is the goal of the website? What is the client's business? And many more questions remain unanswered.

We suggest applying Jakob Nielsen's Ten Principles for Interactive Design* to provide feedback on the usability of a website. It is important that you inform the client that your feedback is merely on the current usability and that you are providing advice on ways to improve usability.

Do not attempt to redesign the website without following a proper (UX) design process. DO NOT criticise the current website. Or downplay the previous designers.

*They are called “heuristics” because they are broad rules of thumb and not specific usability guidelines. They are used to assess how easy user interfaces are to use. Heuristic evaluations are considered discount usability testing, but should not stand as a substitute for usability testing.

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