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Hiring for growth

~ by Candice R

When hiring your next employee (or fostering your next collaboration with suppliers, etc.) consider adopting a growth mindset. Being open to what could be, when considering both the role and the potential candidate.

  • Is the job role fixed and are you merely replacing a body? Or is the job role open to adapting and changing to play to the strengths of the individual and business needs? And can the role and individual develop together over time for the greater good?

  • Is the process of learning and developing the role and individual too much time, effort, money? Or is that where the magic happens and the role and individual become so much more than you may have anticipated... and in the long run an investment now saving time, effort, money? Does that sound exciting or daunting to you?

  • Have you sought (HONEST) feedback from those you are replacing, as to what the role and business lacked and have you adapted the role (and business) to reflect a positive change? Are you open to the recruiters, specialists and potential individuals co-designing your job specs and requirements? Or it this fixed? Do you think there may be a reason why you "just haven't found the right person yet"? It might not be that they not out there, it may be that how you communicate the role (or expectations) requires some reflection...

  • Is your mind made up regarding the role you are hiring for and the individual you want? Or are you looking at others and figuring out how they got it right? Why do people say no when certain companies names are mentioned but yes to others? Have you adopted a human-centered approach yourself to understanding people and what THEY are looking for - or do you focus on YOUR business requirements?

Growth is a two way street, the business and individual can grow together. Something special happens when we ourselves apply a growth mindset to how we hire. Those that may be "almost ready" for the role, often tend to bring the passion and fight for what they want to claim as theirs, they work every day to prove they are capable, they accept learning and adapting. Being open to this may yield great results. Or... we hire with ease and comfort, someone who is already doing the job, a lateral move, almost a cut and paste. No need for them to stretch themselves, they do what they know. This works too, but better in a company with a fixed mindset.

Important! Do NOT abuse the growth mindset. This does NOT mean hiring an entry level resource to fill the shoes of a Snr experienced position. That is simply unfair on the individual, those whom you expect to mentor them, and the clients you serve. The gap for growth cannot be so huge that the mentor needs to do their job. Hiring for growth means hiring individuals that have the ability to stretch themselves to deliver on the outcome expectations. Hiring for growth is delicate and should not be applied without the deep thought it requires.

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