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Be kind

You cannot inspire and grow a community of the very best design Business-of-One's if everyone is just looking out for themselves. You need to look out for each other, develop opportunities for others, and find ways to make sure you all succeed. We encourage and support the connections and the magic of people in the freelance business of design, coming together, in the truest sense of community, by simply exercising kindness

“Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.” - Bob Burg

[It starts with you]

Be Kind TODAY! Find a way to start giving.


People by Russ Gray.jpeg

Do you know of a fellow design Business-of-One needing a helping hand? Do you want to encourage them to do better, be better, crack this business of design! Let us explore how we can help them. Introduce them and welcome them to the inner circle and see how our DNA-Design community can inspire them to greatness.


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Have you born witness to an incredibly talented design Business-of-One that you just KNOW needs to be shared with the rest of the world? Let us give them the stage for them to tell their story.  We meet with talented design business entrepreneurs to share their greatness.


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Show your appreciation for those who are generously sharing design expertise with others.  Our very growth lies in our ability to continue learning and these experts are committed to the cause.  They share their wisdom through their Blogs, Design Coffee Breaks, Talks, and Coaching.  Can you spread the word to help both those around you and these incredible people sharing their knowledge? 


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Is there an opportunity for you to refer a fellow design Business-of-One to a client?  Perhaps you, or your client needs more hands on deck, or maybe they are in need of complimentary facets of design that you don’t offer yourself?  Are you in the privileged position to pass on design business (or a lead, or a simple introduction) to a business looking for their next window of opportunity? Lucky you!

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