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Terms and Conditions

[DNA Publishing trading as DNA and DNA-Business Terms of Service - Attendees]


DNA-Design supports design expert businesses and entrepreneurs by offering design and business related events..   

EVENT ATTENDEES must abide by our Terms of Service to keep the way we work honest, transparent and conducive.

These are the legally binding agreements when attending an event organised by DNA-Design, when signing up for the event, you agree to these accompanying terms.


  1. Use your best judgment.

  2. Be kind.

  3. When booking a session via the DNA-Design website for a COFFEE and/or TALK, you acknowledge our DNA-Design client relationship which infers all the speaking sessions conducted via DNA-Design respects our connection with the speaker/s and fellow attendees meaning that any business resulting via the speaking event will also be managed via DNA-Design and is the ownership of DNA-Design. 

  4. By booking a session you understand that your details have been shared with DNA-Design.  You will have access to the DNA-Design event platforms purely for attendance of the event.  Contact with attendees and the speaker/s are to be treated as confidential and for DNA-Design only.  DNA-Design will do our best to connect you with audience members and/or speaker/s with your and their authorization and under the agreement that they are a DNA-Design connection from which any business resulting will be brokered via DNA-Design and not directly by yourself.  

  5. You acknowledge that the provision of the speaking service you have agreed to is facilitated by DNA-Design and although DNA-Design takes all care to facilitate the speaker/s content and delivery, DNA-Design is not responsible for the speaker/s provision of the service agreed. 

  6. Act according to the DNA-Design event conduct:

  • We honor audience member’s time and commit to the speaking time frame agreed. Up to 30min for Design Coffee Breaks and up to 1 hour for Design Talks unless agreed otherwise in writing.

  • We bring our passion and experience and commitment to bringing enthusiasm and expertise to the session.

  • We bring honesty, integrity and respect to keep the session both conducive and professional.

  • We are committed to supporting the speaking event by introducing the speaking event, providing the event platform, managing the audience and ticketing, and promotion.

  1. We expect the following from you, the attendee, to bring out all the potential from the speaking session:

    • Come prepared.  We want to help you.  Do the work and enjoy the benefits.

    • Be respectful.  Rude behaviour will result in termination of the session.

    • Have fun and enjoy the journey.

  2. DNA-Design provides no guarantees. While there are some things we can control, like the agreed topics, there are some things we cannot control. As such, no guarantees can be made for the results from the speaking sessions.  We encourage a co-creative mindset upon entering into an event session.

  3. Respect our speakers dedication and time assigned to the speaking session and accept the agreed session scheduling.  Sessions take place on the agreed upon time and date, and whether the attendee is there or not. Note that these sessions will not be extended due to the attendee tardiness. 

  4. Honor our exchange of value.  Attendees agree to the pricing structure as appearing on the website during the purchase of tickets.  All coaching sessions and packages are final sale. There will be no refunds under any circumstances. DNA Publishing CC t/a DNA-Design is a VAT registered company and our fees agreed to exclude VAT. Our VAT registration number is 4740255437.

  5. Understand we are human and cannot safeguard you from any damages or losses of whatsoever nature that may be suffered or incurred by attendees arising from the speaking session which is rendered in good faith.  DNA-Design commits to limiting or preventing any damages or losses.

  6. DNA-Design and the attendees undertake to act respectfully and in a human-centered way.  Not to share anything confidential without permission, not to claim any rights in terms of intellectual property or any other rights claimed whether it be rights, titles, interests or any other form of claim, and, at the same time, respect confidences, regarding the DNA-Design and the speakers intellectual property and other business related trade activities such as but not limited to “know-how’, services, products or ways of work.   No rights of any kind are granted to speakers and at the same time DNA-Design is willing to share such information with the speaker in good faith. 

This Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties and may not be amended without the specific written consent of both parties.

We will do our best to reach out if the attendee is out of sync with our Terms of Service.  

DNA-Design reserves the right to suspend or discontinue this agreement should any points be in breach.


When in doubt, consider rule 2.


DNA-Design undertakes to render the best service possible, be dedicated, be transparent, value our attendee and strive to inspire.


Thank you.

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