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The importance of a soundboard

~ by Candice R

We cannot always control when thoughts and ideas come to us. When they do, you are always your first soundboard when you have those conversations with yourself as you ponder and mull over things. Don’t forget the second most important step – to soundboard with others. Sometimes things make better sense when you actually hear yourself think and this happens in conversation. It’s about perspective. When we rely solely on our own perspective, we become (many times unintentionally) ego driven. Perspective from others offers opportunity to review our perspective, to refine it, to ask ourselves questions we may not have thought of, it makes us better. We grow from gathering perspective, looking at things from other angles. A soundboard is not another perspective to blindly follow. It is rather your springboard to developing your thinking. Your intuition still leads. A soundboard is a means to take your thoughts and ideas to the next level.

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Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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