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Shen L :: Social Media Marketer

Your brands voice creator: I analyze your audience, optimize campaigns, and deliver measurable results that drive real business impact.

My passion and forte lies within the digital marketing industry namely Social Media Marketing. Social media plays a large crucial role in online monitoring and reputation management, viral marketing, and digital PR. Social media is used to express an opinion, and so is the bedrock of online reputation. Any company that wants to communicate to this connected audience needs to listen to social media, connect and engage.

I have represented a diverse number of brands from various industries in the consulting, coaching, recruitment, procurement, beauty, health, food, events, SaaS, and L&D sectors and businesses from all over the world, SA to the UK, USA, Australia, and Asia. I have the innate ability to wear different hats and create and implement social media marketing strategies and content unique to each brand. People like working with me because of my professionalism and dedication to the success of their business. 

I also have a passion for the tourism industry and represented some top South African brands in the tourism industry, namely Fancourt, Federal Airlines, Mhondoro Lodge, Shimmy Beach, Origin Wine, Hertz South Africa, Lalibela Game Reserve, The Turbine Hotel, Walkersons Hotel & Spa, Aha Hotel & Lodges and Amazing Thailand SA.

Social Media Strategy

Brand strategy

Platform selection & optimisation

Goal setting & audience analysis

Growth strategies

Analytics & reporting

Social Media Content Creation

Content strategy

Content marketing

Content writing

Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing

Event marketing


Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Shen L!

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