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On quality

~ by Alan W

Don't use the quality of your products or services as part of your marketing. Ask people on the street which company's products or services present the best quality. Then ask yourself how that could be. Customers don't form their opinions on quality from marketing. Customers don't care who won what award for quality. They form their opinions on quality from their own experiences from a product or service. If your products or services don't live up to it, customers won't keep their opinion of your product or service's quality for long.

We need to start with our products and services. Not with our marketing department. We need to get back to the basics and improve our products and services. Quality also means having the right product/service. Knowing where the market is going. Having the most innovative product/service. It is just as much a part of the quality.

Where to start? Go out and meet the customer. Create good processes that start at the customer all the way through to delivery and beyond. Understand the customer needs then build your product/service around that. That is quality.

  1. Start with the customer.

  2. Follow with product/service design.

  3. Then market your product/service.

In. That. Order.

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