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Lessons in creating true impact

~ by Alan W

Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment. It is not just a question of value but a question of impact. If we want more success then we need to find a way to serve more people better.

Lesson 1: Listen more and talk less.

Developing the art of listening brings great reward. Yes, it’s an art! When engaging with your customers and clients, your users, you’ll be surprised at how much they are willing to share if they feel they are being heard. The conversation becomes less about being ‘talked at’ and more about the volunteering of information. This is gold! Information about why they buy, why they don’t buy, ideas on how your product or service could be better, how to sell more, intricate detail around their needs seeking fulfilment and the benefits they are looking for, why they will or won’t remain loyal, what will make them refer you to their network of friends and family, and so much more. Those that listen and do something with the information to improve rather than give reasons why they are wrong, have the opportunity to grow and better their business. Often the next big business idea is grown from customer insights.

  • What do they expect?

  • What do they actually experience?

  • What emotions do they feel?

  • What stories do they tell their family and friends?

  • How can our business create more stories and memories?

Lesson 2: Patience and perseverance

You can get everything you want by the click of a button. ANYTHING. Except. Job satisfaction and strength of relationships. There’s no app for that.

People quit their entrepreneurial dreams. Why? Because they feel they’re not making an impact. Everybody wants to have an impact on the world. What we need to learn is patience. Things that really matter, like love, job satisfaction, joy, love of life, self-confidence, a skillset; all of these things take time. It’s difficult. It can be lonely. If you don’t ask for help then you will fail. Stick to what you do. If you believe there’s something there, don’t give up. You can skip a day or two. That’s okay. But if you stick with it you WILL start seeing results. It’s about consistency. Practice daily. It’s the accumulation of all the little things that lead to you loving what you do. Who you are.

It’s hard work.

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