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Kim W:: PR Strategy

Skillfully crafting the narrative for development

With our primary focus on Social Impact & Development communications, we develop narrative change strategies, drive culture and engagement and media campaigns aimed at public education and advocacy.

We particularly focus on Social impact sectors and projects as we are passionate about developing people, infrastructure and economies.

Our service covers the full service communications cycle:




and measurement.


The environment in which we do business is ever changing. We help you focus your efforts to achieve your goals.

  • Communications strategy development

  • B-BBEE/Transformation Strategy & Audit preparation

  • Business advisory & support


We help you develop and implement systemic plans to get your message across, improve relationships and manage your reputation with key stakeholder groups.

  • Media spokesperson training

  • Crisis communication advisory

  • Content writing (including Annual reports)

  • Digital consulting


Let us help you make sense of and adhere to the structures for accountability, transparency, inclusiveness and empowerment.

  • Governance & sustainability training

Project Management

Providing oversight and guidance to teams to deliver project goals towards your organization's strategic vision.

CSI Transformation

Directing your investments (skills, time and resource) towards empowerment, development and systemic change in people and communities.

  • CSI Strategy & Implementation

Kim W's story

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Kim W!

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