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Dennis W :: Employee Benefits

Revolutionize your employee experience.

Transform Your Employees' Lives: Empower Them to Maximize Their Time, Money, and Wellness!

Modern day employees are demanding more choice, personalisation and control when it comes to how they optimise their remuneration in ways that are more relevant to their desired needs.

The reality is that most startups and small businesses don’t have the time, available funds and know-how to supply these options that they know will keep their workforce happier.

We offer a platform matchmaking employee needs with relevant solutions in the market. Offering the innovation that employers sorely need at much lower cost and effort to the company. A plug & play employee benefits & perks solution for SMEs and startups that boosts talent attraction, retention and employee happiness. Employers configure and set their remuneration offers and allow employees to self select and manage a flexible variety of options, straight from their mobile.

A plug & play employee benefits & perks solution

Out of the box, self-managed benefits & perks. Affordable and personalised for your business. ● A turn-key solution saving time and money by converging existing tools.

● Personalised and relevant offering superior to corporates or larger organisations for talent and talent retention. ● Use during recruitment process to showcase and negotiate packages. ● Provides access to critical benefits employees want - even if you are not contributing. ● Payroll, leave management and accounting integration in one place.

● Able to publish company culture, educational and handbook content.

Holistic, educational, accessible... easy benefits out of the box R E M UN E R A T I O N Package breakdown, contributions, tax implications E S S E N T I AL S Retirement, savings, medical, insurance, reimbursements W E L LN E S S Mental, legal, financial advice and family support W O R K L IF E Leave management, work from home benefits, equipment S E L F D E V E L O P ME N T Further education, subscriptions F R I N G E B E N E F IT S Discounts, e-commerce, clothing, deliveries

The Product

- Fully online, Self service app

- Central place to see and manage your time, money and wellness

- Payroll integration

- Key HR functionality built in like, employee directories, payslips, & leave management.

- Access to best of breed financial and wellness products

- Get advice and input along the way.

- Reimbursements

- Mental health support

Dennis W's story
Learn from Dennis W

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