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Charne T :: Fractional CLO

Elevate your business with our new wave legal services.

Welcome to the innovative realm, where our legal tech consultancy firm is cloaked with a digital, commercial and forward-thinking perspective; poised to soar into the dynamic arena of Web3.Embrace the future of law with us, as we lead the next legal generation, armed with a digital, forward-thinking service offering.

As the preferred legal partner for founders and tech enterprises in the dynamic web3 sector, we provide comprehensive solutions underpinned by corporate and commercial law, IP, cross-border transactions, and global regulatory compliance.

Trust us to be your steadfast ally, dedicated to overcoming legal challenges in your web3 business.

Dedicated to providing subscription based legal services to start ups, tech corporations and growing businesses. Our fractional CLO services allow for all of the pro’s and none of the cons of legal services. We are committed to delivering tailored and innovative solutions to our clients, ensuring the commercial and legal acumen is bolstered for optimal success.

We propel businesses toward success in this new era of the law, harnessing the transformative potential of decentralised economies, tokenisation, and community-driven engagements.

From inception, we weave your commercial objectives into every strategy, fostering an engagement where traditional barriers dissolve, and possibilities expand.

With a profound commitment to excellence and a track record of success, we are your dedicated partners in navigating the intricate world of Web3 legal matters.

Commercial & Corporate Law

Corporate structuring opinions

Contract review

Drafting, negotiation

Regulatory compliance

Corporate governance

Formation of standardised corporate agreements

Web 3 Law

Regulatory compliance


Governance frameworks

Advising on industry-specific web3 regulation

Ensuring adherence to international legal requirements

Tokenomics review

Whitepaper review

DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

ReFi (Restorative Finance)

Intellectual Property

Trademark registration

Patent applications

Copyright protection, and handling IP infringement issues.

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Charne T!

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