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Gone are the days of yesteryear when it was accepted and expected to work at one business forever and ever.  Today, those that stay with businesses forever are the entrepreneurs who started them, they are all in, it’s their dream.  For employees, the business is a part of their journey of growth, and to evolve over time most often means moving on.  Our client desperately wanted to cultivate a business that would (unrealistically) keep the creatives they hired, stay with them forever.  They thought a cool set up, some free lunches and outings would hook them.  We discovered their belief couldn't be more far from the truth, learning and professional growth was the stickiness they needed to offer.  By developing a growth framework focussed on this inherent need from their employees, they were enabled to grow and inspire them during their stay.  Yes inevitably they did leave to further their careers through change, but here is the winning silver lining, their referrals and increased brand equity inferred through past employees worked like a magnet in attracting the right new talent.  Talk about the best retention & acquisition strategy ever.  Positive word of mouth - nothing more powerful.  They fast became the sought after design house.

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