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Using accounting technology to keep on serving your clients

By Ignus K

Businesses, from Real Estate agencies to IT services providers, have begun to understand the need spend more time maintaining and building relationships with consumers. They are now facing the tension between generating sales during a period of extreme economic hardship and respecting the threats to life and livelihood that have altered consumer priorities and preferences.


This tension is very real, so what can businesses owners do to reprioritise their time and energies so that they can spend more effort on strengthening relationships with consumers?

When we launched, we had a clear goal – to use technology, inspire change and help make things easier for everyone they work with. Helping customers spend less time on the administrative issues of their business – especially accounting – frees up valuable hours for business development and relationship marketing.


To this end, we assist businesses with setting up and using the full breadth of cloud accounting and data systems such as Xero and Receipt Bank.  



Any technology, particularly cloud based systems, can allow your company to change its approach to prioritising near-term work. As the future remains perpetually uncertain, the most immediate information is the most important. Through a flexible and constant flow of real-time information you can prioritise your cash flow, planning and budgeting.



The cloud-based nature of Xero can enable you to continue to serve your clients with minimum disruption. Automated invoicing, data capturing and account management will allow you to focus on the important things in your business relationship. The streamlined workflow also provides team members with additional time to focus on other tasks because “communication and community” are the priorities.

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