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Ignus K :: Accounting & Auditing Firm

Not your run-of-the-mill accounting & auditing firm

We focus on technology and niche markets to differentiate us from our competitors.

We are excited to see where the industry is going and are ready to capitalise on the changing business environment.

With our focus on technology and our niche markets we believe the group will grow from a small start up into a force to be reckoned with. We believe the world needs examples of companies that value integrity and good governance and therefore KEMPEN Group will always act with honesty and integrity.

Monthly Bookkeeping & Reporting

At the very base of every company’s finance function sits a monthly bookkeeping and reporting process that needs to be rock solid. From source documents to beautiful management accounts.

Xero Cloud Accounting

Deploy the best in class cloud accounting tool to help automate your bookkeeping and accounting process. Live access to financial information from anywhere in the world makes running your business a dream.

VAT Reconciliations & Submissions

VAT is a deep specialist field where you do not want to make mistakes. Get the peace of mind that your VAT compliance is taken care of by a team of accounting professionals who know the ins and outs.

Company Tax Services

You take on the world – we’ll take care of the tax man. As tax practitioners, our Tax Department handles all matters relating to companies tax, including registrations, calculations, submissions, disputes and clearances.

Payroll Management Services

More people does not have to mean more headaches. Our Tax Department offers a simple solution for Payroll Tax Management that includes all payslips, filings and submissions. You hire A players, we’ll cover the administration and tax side.

Annual Financial Statement Compilations

Having your financials up to date is a cornerstone of financial compliance. Let our financial statement experts help you set up professional financials in accordance with the latest global reporting standards.

Independent Reviews of Financial Statements

In most cases, small and mid-sized companies do not require full audits of their financial statements. Our independent review team helps add the required assurance to financials without having to do full audits.

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