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Tererai's story on... bringing focus back to business models

Having completed his studies in technology at an institution abroad, Tererai decided his next step would not be corporate employment but rather a return to Africa to make an impact in the place he called home.  Being close to his uncle who was a successful entrepreneur, Tererai watched how building businesses from the ground up had provided for all his needs.  He inspired him to take the road less travelled: entrepreneurship.  

“I felt I hadn't done anything meaningful in my life.  Sitting behind a computer looking like a zombie. I wanted to use my capabilities to make a difference, to build something that would make a positive impact on the world around me.” 

Using his technological grounding, along with experience from other ventures in enterprise software solutions and a renewable energy platform, Tererai’s current venture came to life: the revolutionary idea of a climate centred financial institution.

People have a lot of ideas but to implement them often takes a whole lot of money and Tererai acknowledges that this is a hurdle but proposes we turn our attention to our business models.  He believes that many times when we are able to find a lean, simplified business model, we may find a way to avoid having to raise as much capital as we initially planned.  In his previous venture, his first one hundred customers provided the funding required for steady growth. 

“You don't always have to build something complex that costs a lot of money.  Simplify it, start small, and try to work with what you have.  Often we learn these lessons late because as entrepreneurs we are often not ‘trained’ to think like this.  Relook things, talk to experts, they will have realistic ideas regarding the money really needed to support what you are trying to achieve.  This is because many learnt the hard way, and well, yes, some got it right.”

Tererai believes curiosity is key for any entrepreneur as this is what it takes to continue to keep up with the changing industries in which we function and the changing consumer who we serve.  The less we know, the more likely we are to reinvent the wheel. 

“When you are curious enough, you find people with access to a whole lot of knowledge and wisdom that are willing to help you with a solution.  Unfortunately many Founders are obsessed with their ideas and want to steamroll their way into a solution around what just they feel is best”.

Tererai talks about one of the characteristics he most admires in fellow Founders, and that is those who have a ‘teachable spirit’.  He defines this as a person who is humble enough to learn and to know that they don't have to know it all.  Tererai’s first step was to bring in experts from varying relevant domains. Like-minded individuals with the same burning need who could contribute their expertise to bring a vision to life. It can be difficult for Founders to open up their business to allow others in, but with this comes the potential for a greater chance of making it a success when all involved apply their bespoke knowledge towards a shared vision.  

Tererai is inspired by all Founders working hard at helping to save our planet through various sustainability initiatives and he is working hard to leave his own mark too.  He encourages us to work closely together as we embark on this powerful and important endeavour to protect the world we live in. 

“Entrepreneurship is a privilege to those that recognise that this is how we write our own story of how we created a positive impact in our lifetime.  And when all our little stories come together, it starts to make more sense, how powerful the role of entrepreneur really is and the huge responsibility we take on.”

“Solving niche challenges Founders face”.

Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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