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Si E :: The mojo coach

Helping male entrepreneurs get their mojo back.


I call it Being Unstoppable. Whatever it is to you, it's a feeling, a way of being


It's helping you maximise your full potential and achieve your Ultimate Outcomes.

Looking back, I often felt the presence of Mojo in my life:

- As a 16-year-old when I bicycled 1,200km’s to ‘see a girl’

- As a 20-year-old, graduating as an Army officer from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

- As a 26-year-old, cycling 13,000km from Cape Town back to England

I’ve learned that the essence of getting my Mojo back can be found in Shakespeare’s words:

“above all, to thine own self be true.”

I’d love to help you get your Mojo back

Outcomes of Mojo Coaching

The Ultimate Outcomes my clients can expect are: 1.) Learning how to get their Mojo back, and 2.) Achieving the results they want and that we agree to, guaranteed.

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