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Johan B :: Interpersonal Relationship Mentor

Your ally in leadership, family and self-discovery

People are our passion. We specialize in enhancing your relationships with yourself and others by delving into the ‘why’ behind behaviour - the Motive. Our proven results guarantee a transformative experience where you will never see yourself or others the same way again, unlocking profound understanding and connection’

Our mission is to provide insights, strategies, and resources that empower individuals to create inclusive, supportive, and connected environments where everyone feels valued and accepted.

Through these principles, we aim to inspire personal growth, authentic self-expression, and the building of harmonious, compassionate communities. Together, we are creating a world where individuals thrive, relationships flourish, and a sense of belonging enriches lives.”

The Color Code

We are on a mission to empower individuals with an integrated approach to personal development, self-awareness, selfless behaviour, and keen sense of belonging. Life is about relationships, and our commitment is to guide and mentor individuals in understanding their unique personality types through The Color Code, encouraging self-discovery and improves relationships through understanding the why behind behaviour.

Charactered Mindset

We are dedicated to fostering a Charactered Mindset, where acts of kindness, empathy, and compassion are at the forefront of every action, leading to personal fulfilment and interconnectedness. We endorse considering others as we would ourselves.


In addition, we place a strong emphasis on Belonging, and recognize that a sense of community and inclusion is vital for individual and collective well-being.

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Johan B!

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