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Don't hold your breath for hits

~ by Candice R

The obsession with quantity. Mail a thousand contacts and surely you'll get one hit. No. That's not a guarantee. But that's how traditional advertising works right? One TV/Radio/Billboard/Press advert that reaches millions of people.

When it comes to business, personal relationships are gold, think 1:1 not 1: 1,000,000. There is a better way for your message to land in the right hands. There is a better way to foster business relationships. In these times of mail merging, and with companies like Mailchimp making it really easy to send out mass messages, it may be tempting to shout your standard message to hundreds of people. But one personal relationship is more valuable than a thousand contacts that don't respond and chuck you into junk mail.

The people behind the business you connect with want to feel there is a connection between you and them. Yes it may be through your products and services but they want to believe that they are special. That you picked them for a reason, that this connection is not a number but personal, genuine. That's if you want a trusted, faithful relationship, a business endeavour that is fruitful for both parties - you know, a mutually beneficial relationship? Such relationships can stand the test of time and may keep you afloat when the winds of change cause choppy seas for your business.

Have one on one conversations. Customised messages and conversations to suit the business you are interacting with. This is the business hack for converting and growing healthy and loyal business relationships. And this is the secret to sustainable business.

We tried. We sent out thousands of really well written emails with really great business propositions. We failed. We learnt. We share the lesson. Today we got 2 new business deals because 1:1 actually works. Now we get it.

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Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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