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Bertus K :: Product Researcher & Strategist

Want to lead your business with understanding?

Businesses are always looking for opportunity and so are your customers. Your customers are looking for means to "upgrade". It should be your product's purpose to provide such opportunity.

Discover your users' thinking patterns in context of your product. Your customers will have existing problem-solving patterns of thought, for you to discover, which aren't governed by their demographic data.

UI is just another language by which a product communicates its value. You communicate your product value through your UI. Testing therefore is not to validate your value, but to confirm if your value was successfully understood.

Product Research & Strategy

My personal research process identifies opportunities of value for a product's customers, by which a business can build a sustainable and valued product. I have developed a Product Research & Strategy framework, which enables businesses to identify their true value towards their customers and build their product in accordance with Systems Theory and people's sense of agency and-value; being assured that they only need to test for value comprehension.

Identify Blockers: Identifying what is blocking your customers from their success, in order for you to provide a product of value.

Exploration Blueprint: A blueprint by which you can manage your fundamental product requirements, customer success journeys and test your build against defined customer value add.

Product Strategy: Navigate uncertainty with a singular people-centered vision for all your teams.

Learn from Bertus K

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