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Bertha M's story on... bucking the norms and creating new ways

Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Generative AI Expert, and founder of a newly launched AI WhatsApp product, Bertha is a natural 'action' person, a steamroller who makes things happen. Qualified in chemical engineering and a good few years spent as an employee in the corporate world, with a MBA under her belt, Bertha took the unexpected jump to entrepreneurship from the cosy surroundings she had become familiar with over the years.  Bertha planned this responsibility, having saved funds to sustain her and steady the jump. 

“As a person I am not a good follower, I am a good visionary.  I get frustrated following when things don't make sense, when I see another way, my instinct is just to say you know what, let me do my own thing.”  

Her journey has certainly been an interesting one.  She set off to embark on her first venture: a cryptocurrency exchange.  Although it found some success, the working capital required to sustain it was a heavy burden and ultimately the business as envisioned at the onset, didn't work out.  BUT, Bertha teaches us not to be so literal in our journey.  During this time, she learnt how to develop an app for the business, and a complex app at that, as her business at the time had many different moving parts.  Even though that business didn't work out, she honed her skills in app development and moved into this space for her next venture.  From mobile apps, to software development, corporate software applications like platforms, CRM’s and so on, Bertha’s expertise grew carving out her niche in the tech space.  Realising that many clients did not want or need the out-the-box systems and came asking for custom development to suit the unique needs and stage of their business, little did she know that she had been priming herself to offer something special and unique to the market.  “When we see an opportunity in the market we build it and put it out there as a product and see how it does.”  Bertha was able to white label some of her inventions along the way, and her smart business sense continued to draw in clients. 

“We are not going to follow the industry and what everyone does.  We created our own processes, our own ways.  Many of the new things I have learnt have been self taught so I don't know the ‘done and expected’ ways.  I create what works.” 

Spoken like a true Creative Entrepreneur, Bertha understands clients' ongoing need to solve their challenges efficiently and effectively, with no time for overengineering the textbook processes, artefacts, and add-ons.  She embraces the art of doing things differently and this is evident in her business and her approach to business in general.  She also sees it as her responsibility (and ongoing inspiration) to keep abreast of all developments and evolution in the industry in which she sits.  She even goes one step further and teaches what she knows on her youtube channel. 

“The moment you get into entrepreneurship things never go to plan.  So when you see these super rich glamorous success stories, know that is the exception, many entrepreneurs are making just enough money to pay their day to day running.  It can take years to reach success.” 

Bertha warns us about the misconceptions in entrepreneurship, the first being that things will go according to plan. The second being that it is something glamorous when in reality, many are making the same money they were making as an employee (if they are lucky), while many make even less.  What's Bertha’s one piece of advice for entrepreneurs?  Focus on revenue generating activities.  If only we could shout this from the hilltops.  Bertha hits on a real truth here and an invaluable lesson early on in the journey.

“I wasted a lot of time and money chasing things that were not generating any money from various entrepreneur based programs, to business events, training, all to 'maybe' get a chance to speak to an investor that could change your life.  We see all these lures as opportunities.  Today I have learnt that we need to spend our days doing the work and then selectively partake in additional activities that may or may not turn out to be fruitful.  Focus on getting some revenue.  When you make money, those investors will come find you!”  

Bertha further highlights the need for us to build confidence in our worth and to stick by that so that clients return when they realise the value.  “Maybe I am expensive, but after they have tried everything and really want to get things done they adopt. I have built a reputation over time, and clients always come back.”

Bertha has learnt to keep going no matter what.  She explains that the longer you are an entrepreneur, the harder it becomes to get employed again.  She believes this is a good thing.  It can be slow for very long but she advises us to just keep going, one small thing comes through, then another, and so the scale begins to tip the other way.  We appreciate how candid and honest Bertha is about entrepreneurship, it leaves us feeling stronger and in awe of her strength and conviction in her own journey.  We have no doubt her future will be bright as she continues to steamroll her way to continued success!

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“Solving niche challenges Founders face”.

Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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