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Bertha K :: Custom software development

All the Business Management Tools at your fingertips.

Created for business owners to help you manage:

🔥 Social Media Scheduling

🔥 Create AI Powered Documents

🔥 Manage Objective Key Results

🔥 HR and Payroll Management

🔥 Employee timesheets and time tracking

🔥 Customer information and profiles

🔥 Project Milestones, Tasks and Billing

🔥 Sales CRM, Lead Management, Email Marketing

CRM Sales Management Software

Organise your business development, streamline resources, manage sales leads, hustle with a purpose with the top CRM software.

Project Management Software

Manage your all your projects, tasks, meetings and documents with one tool.

Intelligent project management is here. The best, most affordable way to manage your project team and deliverables.

Accounting And Business Management Software

A a cloud-based Accounting And Business Management Software that helps small businesses with their invoices and expenses. Eliminate the hassle of using complex or outdated accounting tools. It's simple, intuitive and very powerful!

Objective Key Results Software

OKR is a method of setting goals. It helps you set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) objectives for your team & organisation. It's an effective way to focus on customer engagement by aligning your business strategy with your teams’ efforts. Help your organisation get closer to achieving its goals, in a collaborative, intelligent and effective way.

Talk to AI🤖 on your WhatsApp

Your personal AI companion on WhatsApp! Powered by the latest OpenAI GPT3-Turbo and GPT4-Turbo, your personal AI assistant that can code, create images, documents, teach you any subject and much more.

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