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Therese O :: Specialist IT & Development recruiter

Helping IT & Dev people find their ideal job or employee.

Employers cannot afford to rely on need-based recruiting efforts. Talent Scouting must be constant. Impressive paychecks and perks are no longer enough to attract employees, especially those of the up-and-coming generations. Extending our focus beyond the job description taking into account the wants and needs of Millennial and Generation-Z recruits. Recognising that many of these employees will never know the security of being employed and developed by one organisation over the course of their professional lives. The career is no longer linear; it’s very much mosaic. Given that you have these career nomads who are probably oriented to short-term work, it’s critical to find people that are going to fit culturally.

I am a seasoned Senior IT Recruitment Consultant with a demonstrated history of continuously placing high calibre candidates ranging from junior to very senior levels. I have a passion for people and technology and the positive impact both have on the growth of the respective companies and the economy.

Highly skilled in strategic sourcing and recruitment and in leading high performing sourcing and recruitment teams focusing on the ideation, development, and execution of human-centric portfolios.

We deeply understand the client's environment, candidate market and the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this. We are able to think laterally about tough and niche talent acquisition requirements. We work closely with all clients and candidates on recruitment and sourcing projects and provide an excellent candidate experience on behalf of our clients. We have an excellent understanding of the IT industry and keep abreast of new trends & current technologies.

Therese O's story 

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Therese O!

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