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Peter T:: Academy-as-a-Service

Train, develop and share knowledge effectively.

A platform to simplify learning, people development and knowledge management.

Seamlessly integrate formal training, democratized knowledge sharing, and vibrant community. All in one cohesive experience and ecosystem. Elevate reach, impact, and business growth.

A science-backed knowledge and learning platform built to streamline the way that organisations share knowledge and resources. We provide a modern way to rapidly create, curate and share effective, engaging content with anyone within their organisation or team.

Imagine a training and learning experience that everyone loves. With us, it's possible.

We cater specifically to:

  • Training Academies: Seamlessly deliver blended and/or cohort training modes with an interactive knowledge community.

  • Impact-Driven Organizations: Foster self-paced learning and resource access for making a genuine and scalable impact.

  • Training Dependant Firms: Emphasize safety, compliance, and hands-on training for sectors like construction, mining, and security.

  • Every Partner: Offer creation, design services, and tailored solutions to align with your unique needs and goals.

Training academies

Propel Your Training Academy Forward. Step into the future with Beeline's integrated training platform. Streamline, expand, and re-imagine the cohort learning journey, all under the emblem of your esteemed brand. Infused with AI and rooted in modern pedagogical science, partner with us to unlock 5-10x growth and elevate your institution's stature in the educational domain.

Empowering impact training

Transform Learning. Amplify Impact. Enable every learner, prove your difference, and drive change beyond boundaries. Inclusivity, analytics, and a unified brand experience - all in one platform.

Safety & compliance training

Elevate Safety Training. Ensure Compliance. We empower organizations to provide rigorous training and maintain compliance standards. Seamlessly digitize content, verify competencies, and manage certifications all under one platform. Dedicated tools for sectors requiring hands-on training, ensuring safety, competency, and adherence to compliance standards.

Peter T's story

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Peter T!


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