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Izane & Larissa :: Proposal & Pitch Specialists

Maximise your business growth. We tell winning stories. We tell your story. We you improve – and win – proposals.

We know that a good proposal is critical to winning work. And when you win work, you create jobs, which improves lives. That’s why we’ve created a business that helps you win work through persuasive proposals and pitches.

We’re a strategic proposal and pitch consultancy that works with you to develop winning proposals for your business. Your customers deserve professional, customer-centric sales proposals that articulate your value. As a strategic sales enablement consultancy, we inspire your success and help companies of all sizes grow. Our range of services increases your sales funnel and revenue pipeline – with less effort.

We specialise in providing innovative solutions to business challenges through strategic consulting, collaborating, simplifying, automating, enabling and educating. Our experienced consultants work closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop tailored strategies that drive results.

You are the hero in your story. Not us. Our purpose is to help you win more with less effort. To inspire your success. Our expertise didn’t happen overnight or by chance. Since 2001 we have at the forefront of evolving best practices in the bid and proposal profession. And we are not slowing down. We have awesome clients who will confirm the nice things we say about ourselves. Believe us. Or ask to speak to them and put your mind at ease.

Consult & Collaborate
  • Benchmarking

  • Bid or no-bid decisions

  • Live bid support

  • Executive summaries

  • Win strategy & response development

  • Review & Improve

  • Create a company profile

  • Bid & Structure Design

  • Design, build, operate your bid delivery operation

  • Short list and post-submission presentations

  • Content library

  • Public sector tendering

  • Governance & compliance

  • Proposal writing

Simplify & Automate

Make smarter decisions with proposal qualification and automation software. These solutions are designed to help you solve your toughest RFP challenges, centralise your best curated content, and make a measurable impact on your win rate.

Educate & Enable

In the world of sales and competitive bidding, there are no prizes for second place. It is an all-or-nothing game where the difference between all and nothing is hardly rocket science (unless of course you really are a rocket scientist).

Hone your skills by learning the art and (not-rocket) science of winning bids. Whether you are starting your proposal career, have years of experience or are ready to take on certification, our fun and practical training programmes will inspire you to win more.

  • Proposal masterclass

  • APMP certification

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Izane & Larissa!

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