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Fina C :: Podcast Producer

Launch your podcast and thrill your listeners

​I help people like you start and grow their podcasts and avoid getting bogged down in technicalities. Get back to what you're good at.

Founder and Podcast Producer, I founded a podcast post-production company working closely with businesses and individuals who have exciting ideas to share through podcasting.

We provide online training for podcasters around the world. From the ideation phase, to the creation, marketing and monetisation, it's our mission to empower people to create their own quality shows.

Podcast Editing

Edit audio into finished format

(Intro/outro/music/main audio/volume levelling)

Podcast Managing

Editing and writing show notes

(100/200 words) + uploading content online to distribution channels


Selecting 20 - 60 second audio piece from episode, producing into audiogram.

Podcast Learning

We believe in learning-by-doing. We've created incredible content for you up-front and we'll be adding new modules regularly to help you learn and grow. No more half-completed courses, this is content you'll want to complete.

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Fina C!

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