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Eitan S:: Creative Legal Provider

Legal solutions for big thinkers

We're building the law firm of the future by building a legal practice designed specifically for modern day companies. A creative legal practice which has redesigned legal services to suit creative, start-up, and tech-based businesses by making them accessible, affordable and understandable.

Traditionally, lawyers are called to fix problems. We looks at law differently – we have a fresh approach to law and technology, so that our legal solutions suit your business, team and culture. We are not a law firm. Do not call us when you get arrested.

We are here for one thing – to take care of your business’ legal needs so you can focus on what you do best.

Our approach to legal services comes from a mix of practice in corporate law firms, years of experience in the South African creative and tech sectors, and a background in running start-ups. In this way, we speak the language of creativity and law.

Commercial Law

If its related to contracts, company structuring or business compliance – it’s our bag, baby. We do the day to day contracts which keep your business ticking, but we’re also experts in commercial transactions big and small including M&A as well as investor readiness.

Data Law

If your business collects or uses personal data (and that’s all of us), then data protection laws are applicable to you. Join the hundreds of clients who’ve trusted Legalese to guide them on the journey to data compliance.

Intellectual Property Law

No matter your business, your intellectual property needs protections. We register trademarks, assist with licenses, and guide you through protecting your company’s IP practically and safely.

Labour Law

A business is as good as its people. Our labour lawyers work with a unique blend of law and HR to ensure that our approach to labour contracts, policies and procedures suits your company’s culture.

Regulations & Compliance

Whatever business you’re in, there will be regulations. The more out-there your business, the more complex the laws. This is where we come in. We research the law, brainstorm the arguments and draft your terms with certainty. We’re lawyers. We know the law.

Book an intro call (15min) with DNA-Business founders to understand your service request and we'll get you connected with Eitan S!

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